What is a boiler service?

Shaf Electrical Contractors provide excellent boiler repair services in London. Our boiler repair team has excellent knowledge of boiler repair and replacement and we consider ourselves experts in servicing and breakdown whether it is a gas boiler or an electric boiler.  We provide our customers an unmatched level of customer service, friendly expert advice and an affordable boiler service in London.

Why get a boiler serviced?

Gas Boiler is required to be serviced annually for optimum performance and safely. What is involved?

How long will it take? Who can do it?

Within the boiler the heat from combustion is transferred to water which in turn is used for a central heating system and hot water. Manufacturers usually recommend boilers are serviced annually. What does this mean for the home owner?

Due to complexity of information required to service a boiler proficiently a boiler service should only be carried out by a qualified and registered heating engineer who will:

The engineer is checking and testing to a well defined set of criteria, standards and regulations. There is a guide to the service procedure in the manual which accompanies the boiler and should be retained by the homeowner from when the boiler was installed. The boiler must be working for it to be serviced.

What is a boiler service ?

repairing a faulty appliance, this is a different job altogether a homeowner’s or landlord’s gas safety check, although checking safety is a part of it What Does Maintenance of a Gas Boiler Involve?

Different types of boiler will require different work, at the very least the engineer should:

They will also check the position of the boiler. Things that have happened around the heating system since the previous inspection may have an impact on the safety of the system, such as anything which blocks the flue or ventilation. An old style cast iron boiler with open flue will involve lots of dismantling and cleaning which is not required for modern boilers. A modern boiler may require more of a system performance test rather than a full clean.

How Long Will a Boiler Service Take?

The engineer could take from as little as thirty minutes to well over an hour, this will depend on the work involved, the type and condition of the boiler. It is not the same thing as a Homeowner or Landlord Gas Safety Record as defined by law in the U.K. which requires the completion of form CP12.

When do I Need a Gas Boiler Service?

The boiler manufacturer will probably recommend it be serviced every year. The details of frequency of servicing and what is involved will be detailed in the user manual. The manufacturer can be contacted for any queries and will give advice freely by phone, email and via their website. In the UK the boiler service is a well defined procedure which can only be carried out by a qualified gas heating engineer.