Our engineers are Gas Safe registered, they are fully qualified to safety maintain your boiler. You can arrange a visit from our specialists any day of the week including weekends.

      • Initial call out charge – £50

 Signs that your boiler may need attention

        • Loss in boiler pressure.
        • No heat or hot water.
        • Pilot light goes out.
        • Thermostat issues.
        • Excessive noise.
        • Radiators not heating up.
        • Boiler continuously switching off.

Boiler maintenance varies from each household depending on what is required. To get a more personalised quote please do not hesitate to contact us.


Who is the Gas Certification for ?

  • Commercial and domestic property owners who have either newly installed gas or seasoned users who are worried about increasing gas bills where as the consumption has not increased this is an apparent reason for getting the gas installation check for leaks and repairs.
  • The landlords putting the property for sale or trying to put it up for rent.
  • As a business entity whose sole purpose is to ensure safety and provide value for money we provide a complete package ranging from certification to installation and repairs for gas and boilers