This package includes

  1. Electrical Installation condition report
  2. Comprehensive 6 page detailed report plus remedial work
  3. Finding any electrical faults or defective components
  4. Mandatory document for landlords renting through housing association or local council
  5. Appointment Duration: 1-4 Hours


Current Price :

Electrical Safety Certificate, EPC & Gas Safety Certificate from £180.00

Why Us?

      • Choosing to certify from Landlord Certificates London you ensure safety standers upheld the certifying Authority (NICEIC).
      • All Landlords require an electrical safety certificate every 5 years or every time there is a change of tenancy in the property.
      • Domestic Electrical Installation certificate ensures that the landlord get the value for money in case or certain faults the installer has to fix them before putting additional charges.
      • Certificate and work in commercial buildings is again the first step towards planning for renovation the certification can basically be of two types i.e., Minor Work certificate or Full Scale Electrical Installation Condition Report.


Certification would include detailed report highlights are as follows.

  • Survey is done on all constituents of the building that are directly involved in energy consumption i.e., windows, walls, roof, flooring, main heating control, secondary heating (if applicable) hot water and lighting.
  • A report illustrated in terms of a graph is shown based on a set criteria which shows as to where most of the energy is consumed an which constituents of the building have the perfect energy consumption.
  • Based on the report EPC also includes a set of recommendations which would help in improving efficiency of the energy consumption.


Who is the Gas Certification for ?

  • Commercial and domestic property owners who have either newly installed gas or seasoned users who are worried about increasing gas bills where as the consumption has not increased this is an apparent reason for getting the gas installation check for leaks and repairs.
  • The landlords putting the property for sale or trying to put it up for rent.
  • As a business entity whose sole purpose is to ensure safety and provide value for money we provide a complete package ranging from certification to installation and repairs for gas and boilers