The 1991 Smoke Detectors Act requires that all properties built after June 1992 must have mains-powered smoke alarms fitted on every level of the building. This means that if a fire causes injury or damage in a rental property where smoke alarms were not present, landlords and agents can be fined for having taken inadequate precautions.

A smoke alarm should be changed on average every decade, however it does sometimes depend on the type and specific specifications of each individual alarm.

Upon completion of the smoke alarm safety tests, you will receive the necessary certification.

Current Price List

      1. Smoke Alarm Certificate – £70.00
      2. Installation of Smoke Alarm – £350


Why Us?

      • Choosing to certify from Landlord Certificates London you ensure safety standers upheld the certifying Authority (NICEIC).
      • All Landlords require an electrical safety certificate every 5 years or every time there is a change of tenancy in the property.
      • Domestic Electrical Installation certificate ensures that the landlord get the value for money in case or certain faults the installer has to fix them before putting additional charges.
      • Certificate and work in commercial buildings is again the first step towards planning for renovation the certification can basically be of two types i.e., Minor Work certificate or Full Scale Electrical Installation Condition Report.